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"Preparing the Future for the Future through Youth-Led Civic Engagement"

Youth Members Meet Chief Liaison Officers Lt. Scott Mutter and Sgt. Bradley

The People's Promise Youth Division was honored to speak and host a panel of questions with police liaisons Lt. Mutter and Sgt. Bradley. Here, we got more insight on how the juvenile court system operates and other ways the youth can be involved in bettering one another,

Thank you, Lt. Mutter and Sgt. Bradley! 

Members of The People's Promise Youth Division hosting a volunteering event in downtown Shreveport, LA to feed the homeless population

Our 3-pointed Method to Empower the Youth

The People's Promise Youth Division believes in uplifting and empowering our youth through three main methods: volunteerism, education, and legislative action. Empowering the youth is about so much more than teaching them about civic processes- it's about getting them involved!

Join our next Meeting

We are currently preparing for the next school board meeting. If you wish to be a part of future Youth Division activities (i.e community service, school board meetings, etc.) feel free to contact us.

If you have questions, please email us at

Testify in front of Congress.

Members of our organization spoke during Louisiana's House Committee on Governmental Affairs Special Legislative Session regarding redistricting. We demanded fair maps that represents the true population of Louisiana and met with legislators about the process. 

Our members were featured on Fox 44 News, The Advocate, Yahoo News, KTBS News, NewsBreak, Louisiana Illuminator, and more as they spoke about House Bill 14. 

Autumn Sommers and Zoha Ibrahim testifying in front of the House Committee on Governmental Affairs, on gerrymandering and fair redistricting

Become part of the solution.

The People's Promise Youth Division Chair Autumn Sommers met with the Caddo Parish School Board members to speak about the new Caddo Strong Start 2.0 COVID-19 Policies. Our members were then interviewed by KSLA News, where they spoke about youth civic engagement. Read the article here.

Write and advocate for effective legislation.

In less than 6 months, The People's Promise Youth Division has passed legislation for a Voter Registration and Education Day at all Caddo Parish High Schools and advocated for fair maps at the Capitol in front of Louisiana Legislators. 

Preparing the Future for the Future.

The People's Promise Youth Division is a branch of The People’s Promise organization which is a community outreach organization that aids citizens in various ways to address the following: Voting rights, gun violence, police brutality, malfeasance, and equality for all. The Youth Division is focused on mitigating youth issues across the nation. The Youth Division promotes youth engagement in community improvement through civic education, educational services, collaboration with local community organizations, and preparation for student’s post-high school careers.

Meet the Team 

Breka Peoples

State Activist and Founder

Kimberly Dennis

Master Social Worker

Autumn Sommers

Youth Division Founder & State President

Kyrsten Thompson


Cal Alexander


Ryan Wilkinson

Chief Financial Officer

Sabrina Huynh

Chief Marketing Officer

Renaye Harris

Chief Information Officer

Laila Brimmer

Executive Event Coordinator

Elizabeth Shum

Chief Operations Officer